• How long does a pool filter last ?

    How long does a pool filter last ?

    Unfortunately, at some point in a pool cartridge filter's life, there will come a time when the cartridge will need to be replaced. It is far more important to look for signs of wear and tear than it is to count the hours of usage. The following are some of the giveaways...
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  • How to choose the best spa & pool filters

    How to choose the best spa & pool filters

    In order to do what filter is best for your spa & pool, you will need to learn a little bit about cartridge filters. Brand:There are many famous brands, such as Unicel,pleatco,Hayward and Cryspool.Cryspool's reasonable price and excellent quality have...
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  • About our brand of “Cryspool”

    About our brand of “Cryspool”

    We have officially applied for our own brand “Cryspool” in April 2021, and it has been accepted and passed.This trademark is for the spa filter and pool filter,As modern people pay more and more attention to health, swimming is not only a sport, but also can bring us hea...
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