How long does a pool filter last ?

Unfortunately, at some point in a pool cartridge filter's life, there will come a time when the cartridge will need to be replaced. It is far more important to look for signs of wear and tear than it is to count the hours of usage. The following are some of the giveaways that let you know it's time to replace your cartridge:

High water pressure: When the running pressure of your pool filtration system starts to climb and doesn't come down after a deep cleaning of your cartridge, that can be a sign that the cartridge needs to be replaced.

Cracked end caps: If the end cap on either end of your cartridge has turned brittle and cracked or chipped, that cartridge should be replaced immediately to keep pieces from breaking off and damaging your system.

Torn pleats: The pleats do the filtering. If the fabric is torn or has a fuzzy appearance, the effectiveness of your cartridge has been compromised, and it should be replaced.

Crushed cartridge: When the inner structure of your cartridge has been compromised, your filter will look a bit like a crushed can. If this happens, it's time to replace your cartridge.


Q: What are the pros and cons of having a cartridge filter?

A: A cartridge filter is the most environmentally friendly filter option, as you do not need to backwash, which discharges chemicals into the environment and wastes water. Additionally, a cartridge filter works almost as well as a D.E. filter, so you will have remarkably clean water if you just keep your filter clean. That maintenance, however, is where this type of filter falls a little short. In order to work at peak efficiency, cartridges must be cleaned regularly, and that process is rather involved.

Q: How often should I be cleaning my pool cartridge filter?

A: There is no set answer to this question. It depends on usage and other factors. For instance, the more people who swim in your pool, the more oils and sunscreen lotion and dirt will enter your system and the more frequently your filters will require cleaning. The best strategy is to carefully monitor your system pressure. When it begins to creep up significantly, 8 or 10 psi (pounds per square inch) above normal operating pressure, then it is time to clean.

Q: How do I clean my pool cartridge filter?

A: After shutting down your pump, closing the valves, and removing the filter, you just need to carefully hose the pleats off. Using a specially designed filter-cleaning tool can speed up the process considerably, but cleaning is not a job that you should rush. Careless cleaning can damage the fabric or your filter, making it wear out more quickly.

Post time: Jul-12-2021