How to choose the best spa & pool filters

In order to do what filter is best for your spa & pool, you will need to learn a little bit about cartridge filters.

Brand:There are many famous brands, such as Unicel,pleatco,Hayward and Cryspool.Cryspool's reasonable price and excellent quality have been more and more recognized by customers in recent years.

Material: The material used to manufacture the filter's fabric is a spunbond polyester, usually Reemay. The four-ounce fabric is better than the three-ounce fabric. Reemay is also resistant to chemicals and is easy to clean.

Pleats and surface area: The pleats are the folds in the filter's fabric. The more pleats your pool cartridge filter has, the greater the surface area will be. The greater your surface area is, the longer your filter will last, because there is additional room to collect particles.

Bands: Cartridge filters have bands that encircle the cartridge and help hold the pleats in position. The more bands there are, the more durable the filter will be.

Inner core: Along with the bands, the inner core is crucial for providing the integrity of your cartridge filter. The stronger its inner core is, the more durable your filter will be.

End caps: Usually, the end caps have an open hole in the center, giving them the appearance of a flattened blue doughnut. Some models may feature a different design. If this is the case, simply match the design style to be certain your new cartridge filter has the proper end caps. The end caps are places where manufacturers can skimp on quality, and you might not notice it until your cartridge cracks, so be sure to purchase a cartridge with sturdy end caps.

SIZE:When replacing a cartridge, it’s essential to get one that is the exact same physical size. This includes height, outer diameter, and inner diameter. If the cartridge is too large, it simply won't fit. If the cartridge is too small, unfiltered water may be slipping by, which means your pool will shortly turn green. Additionally, it is important to remember that a cartridge is basically stiff polyester fabric and plastic, so the pressures exerted on a cartridge that doesn't fit properly could easily crush or crack that cartridge, making it useless.

Post time: Jul-12-2021